CaptureTM - Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to deploy the Capture application?

Typically our customers have access to their fully configured projects in 2 weeks. Deployment of the "Point-and-Click" function may take longer depending on the number of assets, however, clients have immediate access to manipulate project records via the list views.

What is standard configuration?

Our customers define all required fields for asset records, maintenance records, and BOM/Inventory records. Then Capture assumes: (1) Every asset record is unique, (2) Maintenance strategies are assigned based on equipment type and risk, and (3) BOMs are assigned based on manufacturer and model number.

Can this configuration be changed?

Yes, configuration can be modified to meet your needs. This includes how matches are assigned from the maintenance and BOM libraries.

Can multiple projects refernce the same set of libraries?

Yes. Capture was built to promote efficiency in generating equipment records. Typically we help our clients to build robust libraries based on their existing data before beginning new work.